Weekly Press Review – 20 November 2015

I&J has made headlines this week with the launch of two new vessels to be added to their fishing fleet.  The Ferox and the Umlodi will form part of the company’s R500 million investment in the fishing industry. The two new vessels will be replacing older vessels in the fleet and will provide 75 new jobs within the industry.

The rescue of 32 baby penguins from Dyer Island off Gansbaai has been in the news this week.

At this time of year the parents of several young chicks undergo their annual moulting season.  During this phase the birds do not go out to sea.  This means that they are unable to supply their young with food and the baby birds face starvation.

Under usual circumstances nature conservationists would allow nature to take its course, but due to the drastically depleting penguin numbers, intervention is essential.

Cape Nature and the African Penguin and Seabird Sanctuary have therefore stepped in and removed the 32 young birds from the island.  They have been taken to a rehabilitation centre in Kleinbaai where they will be fed and cared for until they are able to fend for themselves, at which point they will be released.

Cape Natures’s conservation manager, Deon Geldenhuys said, “If it were not for the efforts of the chick bolstering project, these abandoned chicks would starve to death.”

This weekend Capetonians will have the opportunity to board a traditional Hawaiin sail boat which is docked at the V&A waterfront.

According to the press the Hokule has been docked in Cape Town for the past week and this weekend is the final opportunity for interested Capetonians to board the vessel and found out how this historical vessel is piloted using only the ocean currents and the stars.

A Ceremony of Friendship with traditional Hawaiin singing and dancing took place in Cape Town last week.