Over the last few weeks the Bring Back Our Girls (#bringbackourgirls) campaign has ignited quite a following across the globe. Initially fueled by many people's outrage that the media had all but ignored the story, this grew to a lambasting of international super-powers for not stepping in to assist Nigeria find the girls. Mostly the … Continue reading #BringBackOurSeafarers


State of the Maritime Industry Address

I am not going to comment on the State of the Nation Address (SONA) made last week by President Jacob Zuma except to say I did hear him mention the maritime industry as he acknowledged the importance of the fishing industry; the need to develop our ports and the focus on oil and gas for … Continue reading State of the Maritime Industry Address

WARNING: Women at Work!

As I prepare to put my feet up for Women's Day tomorrow and scroll through the many newsfeeds I follow on social networks, I am suddenly reminded that the "thing to do" in media is to couple content planning to calendar events such as this. So let's take a moment to reflect on the feminine … Continue reading WARNING: Women at Work!

All hands on deck!

I recently had the opportunity to lend a hand. I joined a group of volunteers on board the Lord Nelson in the port of Cape Town where all hands on deck was literally the mantra of the day. It all started when I received a number of press releases from Norton Rose that highlighted their … Continue reading All hands on deck!

Conference Call rocks maritime sector

There are conferences aplenty in South Africa and Africa that plug into the maritime domain, but this week's South African Maritime Industry Conference (SAMIC) hosted by SAMSA can truly be heralded as one that should repower the engines of the maritime industry in the country. I sat there for the entire conference. I did not … Continue reading Conference Call rocks maritime sector

Come out for seafarers!

This time last year we partnered with members of the maritime industry locally and attempted to bring attention to the vital work undertaken by the men and women who go to sea each day. We organised Flash Mobs in Durban, Cape Town, Pretoria and Mossel Bay to publicly acknowledge the role of seafarers. I'll be … Continue reading Come out for seafarers!

Recognising a different type of Maritime Master

In what can only be described as "long overdue" one of our own maritime champions was recognised for his contribution to maritime education at the Seatrade Awards dinner in London last night. While technically it was the Lawhill Maritime Centre that received the Investment in People award - Brian Ingpen is synonymous with the success … Continue reading Recognising a different type of Maritime Master