Piracy puts us on the big screen

Is it unfair to say that Tom Hanks is the next to actually stand to benefit from the scourge of piracy off the Somali coast? Breaking news from Hollywood at the beginning of the week names the actor as the chosen lead in a film depicting the true-life drama that played out on board the … Continue reading Piracy puts us on the big screen


Flying the Flag

Imagine if every car owner in the Western Province decided to license their vehicle in Gauteng. Imagine what that would do to the relevant municipal coffers and what impact it could have on their ability to deliver services. Essentially the monies collected from Cape Town vehicle owners would be used to benefit the lives of … Continue reading Flying the Flag

Shipping will show the ripple effect of quake

Japan may be showing the very real physical and traumatic effects of last week's earthquake, but the shipping industry will demonstrate the ripple effect of globalisation as the economic impact of damaged port infrastructure on the island takes hold. With some 1020 ports in Japan, it may not seem significant that Reuters is reporting damage … Continue reading Shipping will show the ripple effect of quake

Getting on board

As an old-school journalist I have long scoffed at and underplayed the importance of blogging. I'll admit that in the back of my mind I even wondered at the audacity of the non-journalists of the world to claim a right to public broadcasting! So it is with cap-in-hand that I lift the anchor on this … Continue reading Getting on board