Access denied: flirting with the maritime economy?

There's a general movement that is gaining traction in the maritime sectors that aims to boost the industry's contribution to job creation and the GDP. The Blue Economy is on everyone's lips and national, regional, continental and even international strategies are being developed to see our oceans contribute meaningfully to our human desire to produce and … Continue reading Access denied: flirting with the maritime economy?


What is a Maritime Maestro?

Maritime Maestros have salt in their veins. They are committed to the industry in a way that goes beyond the scope of a 9 to 5 job description. They give passionately and devote their energies to develop the future of the industry as a whole. They lead the industry and often pioneer new paths - they … Continue reading What is a Maritime Maestro?

Maritime Newsmaker of the Year 2013

Last night we hosted our annual function to thank clients for their valuable support as well as to present the Maritime Newsmaker of the Year Award. The award aims to recognise individuals, companies or organisations that have garnered media attention that depicts the maritime industry in a positive way. It recognises those who have successfully … Continue reading Maritime Newsmaker of the Year 2013

CSI Maritime

CSI, which incidentally has nothing to do with investigating crime scenes, has become an integral part of doing business and many maritime companies have well-entrenched strategies for identifying as well as supporting social upliftment. From education to supporting orphans or places of refuge and even environmental projects - there are no shortages of Corporate Social … Continue reading CSI Maritime

What is a Maritime Maestro?

Since I started knocking about in the maritime industry some 17 years ago I have come across a few very extraordinary people. Sadly some of these have passed on, but fortunately a number still remain in the industry and continue to inspire us. They are passionate about all things maritime and unashamedly promote aspects of … Continue reading What is a Maritime Maestro?