Weekly Press Review – 29 January 2016

The majestic Queen Elizabeth berthed in Cape Town harbour this week.  According to the press the vessel, Commanded by Commodore Christopher Rynd, will sail more than 36,000 nautical miles and visit 42 ports in 25 countries during her 120-day world cruise.  She has now sailed on to Port Elizabeth, but Cape Town is expecting a … Continue reading Weekly Press Review – 29 January 2016


Coastline confusion

Can anyone tell me exactly how long South Africa's coastline is? I am talking about our coastline - excluding any islands that we may have jurisdiction over. Situated at the southern tip of Africa and surrounded by sea on "three sides," we like to assume that we have access to a generous coastline, but the … Continue reading Coastline confusion

Weekly Press Review – 22 January 2016

Making headlines this week was the news that a fishing trawler and a bulk carrier had somehow managed to collide off the coast at Cape Point. Luckily no lives were lost when the 20m, 154 ton Viking Fishing Company fishing trawler Lezandi and the 200m, 36,333 ton bulk carrier the Sunrise Jade collided in thick fog.  … Continue reading Weekly Press Review – 22 January 2016

Weekly Press Review – 15 January 2016

As South Africa experiences devastating droughts across many parts of the country, food shortages become the new reality.   According to the press this week, our ports are sadly ill-prepared to handle the massive agricultural imports that loom for the year ahead. Grain South Africa (GSA) estimates that up to 5 million tons of maize will … Continue reading Weekly Press Review – 15 January 2016

Five ways to ditch the important wife

Last week I wrote about the tendency to invite "someone important's" wife to be the lady sponsor of a new vessel and received a surprising amount of feedback that indicates that many people feel the same way. So here are a few ways to think about choosing someone to break a bottle on the bow. … Continue reading Five ways to ditch the important wife

Ditch the important wife!

Towards the end of last year there were many vessels entering the water for the first time. As a maritime journalist I generally get invited to these events and I am always fascinated by the choice of lady sponsor on these occasions. The tradition of breaking a bottle of champagne across the bow of the vessel before … Continue reading Ditch the important wife!

Press review – December 2015

With 2016 now officially upon us I spent the morning wading through some of the news headlines of the closing weeks of 2015.  To be honest there was very little good news. Droughts continue to wreak havoc on our agricultural sector with little relief in sight as soaring temperatures prevail and the chances of rain … Continue reading Press review – December 2015