Getting on board

As an old-school journalist I have long scoffed at and underplayed the importance of blogging. I’ll admit that in the back of my mind I even wondered at the audacity of the non-journalists of the world to claim a right to public broadcasting!

So it is with cap-in-hand that I lift the anchor on this blog and set sail into the somewhat uncharted waters of blogging.

As such this Maritime Matters blog will aim to complement what our magazine – Maritime Southern Africa – does on a bi-monthly basis by enhancing the maritime message we broadcast.

But while the magazine is aimed at the industry (if you make your living on or from the sea – this is the magazine to read); it is hoped that Maritime Matters will find a much wider audience and expose what goes on at sea to more than those with a direct financial interest therein.

So I’m finally on board with this blogging thing – let’s hope I don’t get seasick from the experience!


1 thought on “Getting on board

  1. Well Colleen, I for one will be a regular reader of your blog! I think you’re going to bring a fresh perspective to all things maritime and I wait in anticipation 🙂


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