Experience life at sea!

If life is about collecting a series of experiences that enrich your existence and perhaps even set you apart from those that are content to live their lives from their couches, then the maritime industry surely delivers more than most! This morning I attended a presentation at the Department of Forestry and Fisheries where two … Continue reading Experience life at sea!

Get ready to flash your support for seafarers!

In exactly a month's time - on the 25th June 2011 - the shipping sector will acknowledge the role of seafarers as they celebrate the International Day of the Seafarer. For the public at large, however, the day will probably go largely unnoticed. Most will not spare a thought for the men and women who … Continue reading Get ready to flash your support for seafarers!

A vote of thanks to our seafarers

As we all prepare to vote tomorrow, it's quite ironic that just over a month ago I wrote about how 18 young cadets had been challenged to "save South Africa's democracy". At the time I quoted the CEO of SAMSA, Tsietsi Mokhele who emphasised the role that our seafarers have in moving our economy forward … Continue reading A vote of thanks to our seafarers

Mother’s advice

In honour of Mothers' Day on Sunday I will dedicate this post to some good advice that I am sure many mothers have served up - and relate it to a current predicament in the Cape Town Container Terminal. I remember being advised to "admit when you are wrong and apologise before correcting the mistake" … Continue reading Mother’s advice