Weekly Press Review – 23 January 2017

Grindrod Asset Management this week announced plans for a deal that would culminate in Infinitus Holdings gaining a 76 percent stake in Grindrod. According to the press Infinitus is focused on high-growth businesses in the consumer, industrial and financial services sector. Through its subsidiary GFS Holdings, Grindrod will exchange its entire Grindrod Asset Management for Infinitus … Continue reading Weekly Press Review – 23 January 2017

TETA is on the take!

The Transport Education and Training Authority (TETA) collects levies from its registered members annually and is tasked to redistribute the money to fund relevant training in the maritime sectors. So, if you clicked on this blog thinking the title referred to a scandal at the Authority, I hope you will not be too disappointed to … Continue reading TETA is on the take!

Weekly Press Review – 2 August 2013

Last week Brian Ingpen and nine students from Lawhill Maritime Centre boarded the SA Agulhas in Simon's Town for a navigation training voyage from Simon's Town to Cape Town. He shared this experience in his column in the Cape Times this week. Lawhill students do many navigation exercises, but this outing on the SA Agulhas … Continue reading Weekly Press Review – 2 August 2013