Save the Sea Snail!

It’s a sad fact that the humble perlemoen (or abalone) will never attract the same kind of support for its conservation as the rhino or any other land animal.  There are no facebook pages calling for your support; no mountain bike rides organised to raise funds; no rallies marching the streets to voice your outrage and certainly no celebrities getting behind the cause.

Yet the illegal harvesting of abalone along our coast is as devastating as any other poaching activity and supports a wide net of underground criminal activities.

I was discussing this with our latest team member, Nelize Ernst, the other day. Nelize is a self-confessed greenie and will be helping us launch a new section in the magazine called GREEN MARINE so we were chatting about how Freshly Ground is singing to save the rhino and the Parlotones are singing in support of the Carbon Free cause – and we mused about who would be willing to put their voice behind the plight of the perlemoen.

Nelize came up with a character that we feel would be the ideal abalone champion. She suggested Jack Parow as the best candidate and I must admit I have to agree. We can picture him standing next to a skiboat on Hawston beach singing his unique brand of South African rap about the rights of this marine mollusc.

Anyway we do have one champion for the perlemoen. The Abalone Ranger made a welcome return to the magazine in the last issue and will continue to highlight the plight of the perlemoen! Watch out for our limited edition T-shirts: SAVE THE SEA SNAIL!

The Abalone Ranger rides again!


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