Identifying maritime leaders

Identifying maritime leaders

Having attended an interesting workshop on maritime leadership as part of the Third International Conference on Strategic Theory; we have decided to try and identify our current and future maritime leaders by asking you to let us know who you feel is championing the maritime agenda in South Africa.

maritime leaders


1 thought on “Identifying maritime leaders

  1. Colleen, you raise a very important aspect. Many of today’s industry leaders are getting a bit long in the tooth (not meant to be rude, I’m older than most!).
    Our problem is that we don’t have future leader education programs covering for example: technical updates, project management. quality management, cost analysis, green aspects, future policies etc.
    None of our universities are offering this, although industry are calling for it.
    However SAMSA have taken up the subject and are working on a number of studies. They are looking good.
    Brian Gowans
    Maritime Engineering Consultant


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