20 in 2022: It’s a cover up!

Yip – you read the title correctly: it is a cover up!

Our 20th anniversary issue is due out in October and we want your help covering it up. All of our past commemorative issues have featured photos and/or collages of our choice and on this mammoth milestone we invite you to submit photos from your organisation that you feel represent your journey over the last two decades.

We are looking for high resolution jpeg files that highlight other maritime milestones over the period of our publishing journey. Our aim is to create a memorable cover that attracts the eye and provides a snapshot of the events that have brought us to this point in our maritime history.

Please submit your photos to editor@maritimesa.co.za and include the following:

  • Name of photographer
  • Name of company
  • Brief description of the photo
  • Date of photo

We will aim to use as many of the photos as possible. Oh yes – and this is absolutely free of charge. Please make sure that the photo(s) that you submit are not copyright protected.



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