Weekly Press Review – 29 July 2016

An incident of theft at the SA Navy base has made headlines this week. The break-in took place at the armament depot over the weekend and military equipment was stolen, including several Uzi machine guns, an R1 rifle, ammunition and hand grenades.

Military expert Helmoed Heitman believes the theft was either an inside job or security at the navy base was simply not up to standard.

“Either the security was much weaker than it should have been, or there was involvement by one or more people within the navy. This is serious and demands serious follow-up,” said Heitman.

The Hawks have already arrested two men in connection with the theft who will appear in court on Monday. Some of the weapons have been recovered but according to Dan Plato, Western Cape Minister of Community Safety, the investigation will only be successful if all the stolen goods are recovered and all those involved are arrested.


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