Weekly Press Review – 10 June 2016

World Oceans Day was celebrated around the world this week. According to the press, a group of scientists and surfers united for the Silence of the Sharks and Paddle Out for Sharks initiative as part of the celebrations.

Events took place at the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast and Seaforth Beach in Simon’s Town. According to Amanda Barratt, Paddle Out for Sharks founder and marine conservationist, supporters paddled 30 metres out to sea and threw flowers into the ocean to show their support for the plight of sharks around the world.

“Up to a million sharks are killed across the planet every year. They sit at the top of the predatory hierarchy and without them the ocean’s system will be out of control,” said Barratt.

Referring to the recent arrest of three Chinese fishing vessels, Barratt added, “In South Africa, our ocean resources are being plundered by foreign fishing fleets. Monitoring, overfishing and the plundering of our oceans is a big problem. Globally by 2050, all edible fish in the ocean will be extinct.”

Also making headlines this week was the sad news that the maritime community had said a sad farewell to Captain Dai Davies last weekend. Captain Davies’ career in South Africa began as a mooring master at the Durban oil buoy for Land & Marine Salvage, which he later headed.

Many members of the maritime community shared their thoughts on Davies’ passing and recalled memories of the kind of man he was.

“He was a true gentlemen – salvor, mentor and friend,” said Captain Nick Sloane. “He never doubted his team’s abilities. His belief in them developed them individually way beyond normal expectations, and his impact on my life and on my development in the marine industry has made me who I am today.”


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