Weekly Press Review – 6 May 2016

The Cape Town Port Festival took place at the Cape Town harbour last weekend, hosted by Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA).

According to the press hundreds of locals flocked to the free event, which boasted craft stands, food stalls and performances by top DJs as well as South African favourites Freshly Ground.

The festival aimed to popularise and reintegrate South African ports with their surrounding communities.

TNPA Chief Executive Richard Vallihu said, “These port festivities offer a platform and a workable solution to make our ports community-friendly and to expose the public to the opportunities available in this sector, but in a fun and innovative way.”

“We want the communities around our ports to feel a sense of belonging and ownership. To us, progressive and sustainable ports are those that co-exist and evolve with communities where the commercial ports are,” said TNPA Cape Town port manager, Sipho Nzuza.


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