Weekly Press Review – 25 September 2015

This week’s official closure of the Oceana Group fish factory in Hout Bay caught the attention of local media.  According to the press a handful of people marched through the suburbs in protest of the closure.

Oceana’s move to close the factory comes after years of complaints from some of the residents of Hout Bay over the smell of rotten fish. A petition with over 1,280 local residents was received by representatives of the company.

However, not all members of the community are pleased with the decision.  Hout Bay Civic Association secretary Roscoe Jacobs said, “Many of the people who work at the factory live in Hangberg and Imizamo Yethu, which suffers from unemployment and poverty.  The community of Hangberg is against the closure of any place of employment that will affect workers.”

Yet another coelacanth fossil discovery has made headlines this week.  The exciting discovery was made by Dr Rob Gess near Grahamstown.  The fossil is believed to be 360 million years old! This makes it the oldest coelacanth fossil to be found in Africa, as well as a new species of coelacanth.

This latest discovery was made a mere 100 metres from where the first modern coelacanth was discovered in 1938.  Dr Gess made the discovery while doing research for his doctorate at Wits University.

The HMS Lancaster, accompanied by a 21 gun salute, sailed into Cape Town harbour this week.

According to the press, the vessel, also known as the Queen’s frigate, is one of the jewels of the British Fleet and the public had the opportunity to view the vessel in all her splendour on Thursday.

The vessel which is 130 metres in length will be in Cape Town until Monday.


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