Weekly Press Review – 22 November 2013

The Coldest Journey team is back in the press this week. A disappointed team returned from their failed mission to cross the Antarctic, team leader Hugh Bowring was quick to point out that, “Although we have failed in our objective to cross Antarctic, it will have escaped nobody’s notice that our other; more important objective was to draw attention to the work of Seeing is Believing.”

The expedition, initially led by Sir Ranulph Fiennes, known as the world’s greatest explorer, managed to raise $2 million, despite an initial target of $10 million. The team returns to Cape Town today.

Also mentioned in the press this week was the start of the MSC cruise season. The MSC Opera and MSC Sinfonia promise a host of entertainment delights on board to tempt holiday makers into the world of sea cruises.

These vessels are like small floating cities and offer guests every possible type of entertainment from shows to restaurants, bars casinos, golf simulators, discos – you name it.

It would seem that the holiday cruise is growing in popularity as prices become more competitive, children’s safety and entertainment is considered and there is more and more bang for the buck.


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