Weekly Press Review – 13 September 2013

Making headlines this week is the news that Mozambique has signed a R2.7 million deal with a French shipyard for six patrol and interceptor ships for its navy, as well as a fleet of fishing boats.

Defense analyst, Helmoed Romer Heitman says this is good news for South Africa as “the more they’ve got the better, the less we have to do.” He added that South Africa and Mozambique run joint operations with each other and SADC partners and described the navy boats to be added to the Mozambique fleet as a good complement for South Africa’s vessels.

In other news,the NSRI was called to assist a fisherman who was pulled overboard after getting his foot tangled in the rope while fishing off St Helena Bay. Dominic Brink was trapped underwater until his colleagues managed to cut the rope and free him. He was treated by NSRI volunteers for a fracture to his femur and symptoms of near drowning. He is presently recovering in hospital.

The end of this story could very easily not have been a happy one, but for Brink’s quick thinking (and acting) colleagues and the quick response of the local NSRI team in the area.


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