Weekly Press Review – 8 August 2013

The major news within the maritime industry this week is the announcement by the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) that they would release the names of the companies that have tendered for the management of South Africa’s marine and research fleet: three fisheries research vessels and four patrol vessels.

This is a situation that has been dogged with controversy and it would be nice to see some real progress made towards getting the fleet up and running and keeping it up and running.

On a lighter note, a devoted husband and dog owner made the news this week after rescuing both his wife and his Jack Russel after their yacht ran aground off Cebe on the Eastern Cape coast.

After hitting rough weather, the couple and their dog, Rosie, were forced to abandon ship. Graham Anley first swam Rosie ashore and then returned to assist his wife, whose safety gear had become snagged. All three are fully recovered and back home.


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