Weekly Press Review – 28 March 2013

The big maritime news of the week is the official launch of the Global Ocean Commission which held its inaugural meeting in Cape Town.

The commission, which is co-chaired by Trevor Manuel, is made up of a group of independent leaders from various countries. Their aim is to come up with a blueprint to stop the destruction of the world’s oceans and restore them to their full health; and they have given themselves a period of only 15 months to accomplish this.

This is a group of dedicated, like-minded and motivated individuals who want to see change and intend to set their experienced minds to work to develop a plan of action. We look forward to seeing that plan and, more importantly, that action.

The Agulhas II was called to action this week as it was sent out on a rescue mission.

Nompilo Radebe, an ornithologist contracted to the Department of Environment’s Oceans and Coast branch had to be evacuated from the Marion Island research station after falling ill. No other vessels were available to complete the mission at such short notice.

Radebe is now recovering in a Cape Town hospital.

MSC Cruises is in the news this week after an announcement made by their chief operating officer, Neil Palomba, last year has come to fruition. For the first time, MSC Cruises is offering South Africans the chance to apply for jobs aboard its fleet of 12 ships and experience not only the chance of gaining a career at sea, but also receiving training in their chosen field.

In this way MSC hopes to make a valuable contribution to both job creation as well as skills development.


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