Weekly Press Review – 11 January 2013

The big news in the press this week is the latest expedition of the SA Agulhas. The vessel left from Cape Town earlier this week in an attempt to conduct the first ever journey across the icy Antarctic in winter. To add to the prestige of the mission is the fact that world renowned explorer, Randulph Fiennes, is on board the vessel. The objectives are to transport Fiennes and his team to Antarctica, off-load equipment and assist in setting up a base before returning to Cape Town.

Deputy Transport Minister was at the launch and said that “This Coldest Journey is humankind’s first ever attempt in history at crossing the Antarctic in winter.”

“The research conducted on the expedition would benefit the entire world. This is history in the making,” said a very proud Tsietsi Mokhele, chief executive SAMSA.

We will be follwing the vessel’s progress.


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