Weekly Press Review – 26 October 2012

News that the Africana, set sail out of Simon’s Town harbour this week to conduct a six-week survey on sardine and anchovy was picked up by the press. This survey, one of the longest uninterrupted surveys in the world, has taken place annually since 1984. It is designed to assist the DAFF determine the allowable pelagic catch for the next year.

It stands to reason the the Miroshga incident continues to receive media attention. The initial inquiry into the capsizing of the tourist boat off Hout Bay has revealed that the accident was a result of ‘a succession of small bad decisions and incidents.’

The investigation by the SA Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) is not yet 100 percent complete. Dave Colly, SAMSA regional chief, has however, stated that ‘there were a lot of contributing factors, not one thing.’ Some of these included: shortcomings in maintenance and crew competence, as well as the fact that the skipper had not been certified for a passenger boat.

Media reports reveal that Southern Ambition Marine Safaris, the owner of the Miroshga, is currently in talks with lawyers to assist them with dealing with the investigation. Company operations manager, Gert Strauss, who faced the media for the first time this week, has said that an overall report would be released ‘any day now.’

The accident lead to the deaths of two people.

Perhaps we will see similar initiatives as instituted in the passenger bus sector be implemented in the marine transport of passengers. A comment from our Minister of Transport on an incident of this nature during transport month would not have been unwelcome.


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