Weekly Press Review – 25 May 2012

In January, due to safety concerns, Home Affairs banned cruise liners from docking at Jetty Two of the V&A Waterfront.

Making headlines this week was news of plans to develop a proper cruise terminal. Now, after two years of lobbying, plans are finally underway for a cruise liner terminal at Table Bay Harbour.  Transnet has called for submissions of interest in the funding, construction and operation of such a terminal.

According to Guy Lundy, head of the business think tank Accelerate Cape Town, at present Cape Town does not even feature on the plans of international cruise liners, but the building of such a facility would go a long way to attracting operators to the shores of South Africa and particularly Cape Town.

Obviously, this is only the first step in a very long process, but if it comes to fruition it will open the doors of a large tourism trade which can only benefit the maritime industry, as well as Cape Town as a whole.

Also mentioned in the news this week was the arrival of the French helicopter carrier, Dixmude and the frigate Georges Leygues. The ships took part in exercises with the South African Navy and were a very impressive sight both arriving and leaving Cape Town harbour.

It is nice to see Cape Town harbour so busy.  A new terminal would certainly not go amiss, so let us hope that the process runs more smoothly than some of the other “opportunities” provided by Transnet in the past.


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