Thank you for my job

Without the ships that ply the oceans I would not have a job. It is truly that simple. Today is the International Day of the Seafarer and I am saying thank you for my job because without the men and women who commit to a career at sea we would not be able to navigate the global fleet of ships that call at our ports and carry our trade. Without them the only maritime-related industry that would be booming would be that of the ship scrappers; and the ships would be queuing off the beaches of India.

Without ships we would not need harbours or cranes and gantries. We would not need navigation equipment or engines. Salvors, importers, exporters, shipping companies, ship repairers and all those who supply our vessels with equipment or products would be out of business. Many countries would be cut off from their markets and all those shops filled with the “made in China” (or any other foreign destination) items would be largely empty.

That means that many retailers and shopping centres would no longer be able to operate effectively. They would not need to advertise and would scale down operations cutting back significantly on staff.

It is not just the marine-related industries that would falter without seafarers. Would you still have your job if men and women stopped going to sea? Today is the International Day of the Seafarer – acknowledge their impact on the world by tweeting and facebooking your vote of thanks.

Thank you for my job!


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